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Steel Cabin Creations

Deep Seaweed - Glitter Hydrodip - 20oz Curve

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This 20oz Curve tumbler features a deep hydrodip effect with a blend of seaweed green glitter with burgundy, green and soft pink swirled overtop. The bold, beautiful colors create a unique look with plenty of shimmer and shine. The effect is eye-catching and perfect for everyday use.

Each Hydrodip is unique and will never be the same.

This is a ready to ship product.  Please do not place an order for the product shown and request changes to be made. These requests will not be honored.

All ordered items are non-refundable.  If there is an issue upon receiving the item(s), a message must be sent with photos of the item and packaging within 48hrs of delivery. Anything past that time frame will not be replaced. Not responsible for any stole packages.

Treat me like a child

  • I’m not microwavable
  • I’m not dishwasher safe
  • Don’t soak me under water
  • Don’t throw or drop me
  • Don’t leave me in a hot car or in the sun

Due to the nature of this item being handmade, there may be slight imperfection. However, I strive to provide the best quality work possible.